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Best Option File editing software


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15 June 2003
Manchester, UK
Can anyone suggest any software which will help me edit the PES5 Option File in any way...

I want to be able to export data to files (player names, stats etc), edit this in some way and then ideally be able to import data back into a "working" option file to be used with PES5.

Also any software which show the format of the PES5 option file so I can continue work on my PES5 Management Engine.

I need to be able to create a working PES5 Option File from scratch, so need to find out How these editors are reading the option files and parsing them, editing them and re-writing them so they work.

I have used the PES5 Option File Editor (Done with Java) but it doesn`t do what I need and the author is unfortunately unwilling to help me with the option file information :(

Thanks guys!
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