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Best patch?


League 1
28 November 2005
There is no best patch as such.It all comes down to personal tastes i feel.Best bet is to go through all threads and create a folder of patches u feel will suit you best.I ve now got my stuff on a few cdrs for safe keeping.


13 December 2006
well, I think Mat250000 is absolutely right.
in my case - I try to build up j-league patch, which actually was created already, by some japanese dudes I guess -
I am long-time-fan of Japanese Football League, and acctually I was going to team up with some other people and do such a patch. but after doing some research (marvelous google translation tool : ) ) I've found that it's already done.
(hope I won't get kicked out of here by submiting some links)
and if you'll scroll down to the very bottom of the page - you'll have all the links.

well, it's a bit of off-topic, but I struggle with it - maybe if via PMs or just quickly&briefly here - somebody could tell me how to 'patch', or simply swap the logos (or however you call it in english - coat of arms? : ) I'm talking about the thingy you have in a team select menu, etc. i.e England has 3 lions in it. I hope you're catching my drift ; )
anyway, if anyone would help me with this, or send me a link to some detailed steps/tutorial (I'm looking for it since a week - for real!) , that would be much appreciated.

so, after all:
my fave is j-league patch - neatly done uniforms by Sakax2, stadia, balls, faces, stats, everything really well done. (well, I cannot enjoy it in full, as described above. help, again.)



Hooked on editing
3 June 2004
Team F, Other Leagues C
Yes, its a toss up between Evolution Patch & Superpatch. I will personally DL & use both when they are released.
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