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Best Player On Pro Evo 4?



Who do you reckon the best player on Pro Evo 4 is?

I reckon its Cisse (Liverpool) he is so quick and has a great finish.
I play him up front by himself and use the :l1: :triangle: move to loft the ball over the defence for Cisse to run onto.


15 August 2005
without a shadow of a god damned doubt giggs is the most effective player on this game. you may not agree but try playing him in behind van nistelrooy as an offensive midfielder and there is no stopping him. he's harder to tackle than ronaldinho, aimar etc. another great player is zambrotta, even from left back his skill down the wing is phenominal as he gets forward to ping crosses in to great effect. as far as keepers go casillas is shit hot and van der sar is also hard to get past. upfront, fernando torres has all the attributes needed to be a success in this game. but for shooting accuracy try vieri he can find the target from any angle as long as the balls on his left peg. defensively i actually find ledley king an excellent player that no attackers seem to get past. despite his crappy stats.

figo though si the most overated player in the game. he can't take anyone on most of the time. he's a waste of space.


Defensively I reckon Stam has to be the best,nothing gets past him!


i think the best player is henry or beckham are the best in the game but i like to play with vicente and aimar because they are class

Ricky Steamboats

ronaldinho henry recoba and adriano are all class!


No contest, the great buck toothed brazilian !!! No not that one, the one with the keegan perm !!!
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