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31 March 2005
I've got a big trouble defending either through passes and one-on-ones. Defense is once again sight-seeing and Attack is much more agressive. This combination gives us an unreal approach of what soccer is in real life. C'mon, even gifted players such as Ronaldinho have a hard time breaking up entire defenses, something that WE 10 make pretty easy. Just look what happened in last World cup's game France-Brazil. Any ideas on how to correct this if is it possible? I love playing a kinda Italian calcio catenacciario. Look at the results!!! Italy is WC champion!!! It works people... so Konami must pay more attention to its consumers like me, who like defensive play style. Meanwhile I'd appreciate some advices... Thank you very much lols


I back off with my defender, walking away from the attacker then try to time my tackle or slide. I also don't use square to press. This doesn't always work, it's just my method. Defending is a nightmare.


PES Enthusiast
3 July 2003
jonestm said:
I back off with my defender, walking away from the attacker then try to time my tackle or slide. I also don't use square to press. This doesn't always work, it's just my method. Defending is a nightmare.
EXCELLENT!! our duels should now sway to my evil side mwaaa haaa haaa.........

Nah prob not:roll:


just hold R2 to back off like jonesstm said... and basicly it becomes more easier to manouver your player into position for a challenge. also dont be afraid to challenge players in the box! because none of my mates slide in the box when i play them cos they are afraid of giving away a penalty! but seriously slide cos 75% you win the tackle!


11 November 2001
You don't need to use R2 to back off, the game automatically assumes the defensive-shuffle position in WE10, that you could previously only get by holding in R2.

As for defending, I just defend the same way I do against the AI, aggressively! Holding square can be useful if you make sure you're in control of a player goal-side while the AI is helping you out with a player from the opponent's back or side. Sometimes the AI helper can get close enough that your opponent does the animation for holding him off, which changes his stride sufficiently enough for your goal-side, self-controlled player to step in from the front and nick the ball (the animation for holding off the player at the back means the opponent can rarely avoid another tackle at the same time).


31 March 2005
Ok guys, thanx. Do you recommend using R1 button for running in order to press up attackers, or should I only press square? By the way... which type of player settings do you recommend when using this strategy? - Manual or Semi Auto?

See ya latta' buddies


7 October 2002
When defending resist going all the way against the oposing player unless you have a backup defender between you and your goal that can still take him if you fail.

When challenging the player use r2 when you decide the exact moment to strike. R2 (like in WE9) gives some kind of phisical "edge" when challenging a header or a tackle, but it all depends on the choice of the exact moment to challenge.

Using R2 frequently when they are all over your box is also effective as if a shot comes in and you are lucky one of your defenders will block the ball automatically.


6 July 2006
Place a sweeper, also use man mark only with R1 and when your almost gaining the ball, press X. That always work for me.


I dont find it that hard, i mean, was hell to start with but now i dont ever conceed more then 2 against my mates :\

Just like anything, the more you play against a certain person the more you know how to stop em
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