Best youth/young players with fast development to get for ML?

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12 October 2004
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I've started a new Master League with a custom team and I really want to build a team up from scratch instead of getting world class players straight away, my question is has anyone got any recommendations to which young players to get who have the best/fastest growth development?


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7 November 2005
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Torres, Rooney, Babel, De Ridder, Baumjohann, M'bami, Heitinga, Vanden Borre, Kompany, Proto, Adu (is available in mid season. noty from start)


Tavano is a good player who will fully develop in 2 years. Also keep an eye on Obinna, his growthcurve will reach 94!! Other great young players are the ones that will pop-up in the newcomers section. The ones with high salary demands are the best.


20 July 2005
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Rio Mavuba (Girondins Bordeaux), Anthony Vanden Borre (Anderlecht), Daniele De Rossi (AS Roma), Lukas Podolski (Koln) or Piotr Trochowski (Hamburg).


23 March 2003
Go for Ben Arfa, Nasri, Camara (Parma), Hagui, Johan Pele, Remy Riou, MUNTARI, Kalou (Feyenoord), Palmieri

The Pundit

For a goalkeeper, look out for Yohann Pele, he develops to become the best keeper in the game. My other suggestions include Mathieu, Hietinga and Adriano for defense, Nasri, Lennon, Anderson for midfield, and upfront you've got to have Messi and Park Chu Young. All of these players are average, but their stats rocket up in the future.


Jeroen Drost (Heerenveen) is less known but develops well.


9 October 2003
upthebaggies said:
I have a book with over 200 players rangeing from 17yrs to 22yrs old that will develop well. So if you want to know if players develop well or not just ask here and i'll tell you how good they get and at what age. :)
Heres a link to the free sample
Free Sample Of The Official Guide

When you request players can you put thier positions as well please.

Here are all the players that have already been requested and some others as well;

Name, Growth Type, Peak Ability,Peak Age, (Position)

Alnwick,Normal Long,93, 26-29, (GK)
K. Schmeichel,Normal, 92.5, 30, (GK)
Yohann Pele,Normal,94, 29, (GK)
Coe, Late Long,92.5,27-32, (GK)
Curci,Late Long,93,28-33, (GK)
Marshall,Normal Long,93, 26-30, (GK)
Akinfeev, Normal long, 92.5, 26-30, (GK)
Vermeer, Normal, 89.5, 30, (GK)

Mathieu,Normal long, 92, 26-30, (SB,DMF,CMF,SMF)
Heitinga, Normal, 92, 29-30, (CWP,CB,SB,DMF)
Sergio Ramos, Normal Long, 90.5, 26-30 (CB, SB)
Eboue,Normal, 89, 29, (CB, SB, WB)
Koltarii (Kompany), normal, 90.5, 30, (CWP, CB)
Yussuf, Normal long, 88.5, 25-28, (CB, DMF)
Djourou, Normal, 88, 28, (CB, DMF, CMF)
De Jong, Late long, 90.5, 28-31, (CB, SB, WB, CMF)
Ekicalros, Normal, 89, 29, (CB)
Vomme (Vanden Borre), Normal, 90.5, 27-28, (CB, SB, DMF, WB)
Dagaka, Normal Long, 90.5, 26-29, (SB CMF, SMF)
Reto Ziegler, Normal Long, 90.5, 26-30, (SB, WB, SMF)

Essien,Late Long,89,28-31, (CB, DMF, SMF)
Anderson, Normal, 93, 27, (AMF)
Kruska, Dual, 1st-91.5 2nd-93.5, 1st-26 2nd-32, (CMF)
Nuri Sahin, Late Long, 92, 27-30, (DMF,AMF)
McGeady, Normal Long, 92.5, 25-29, (SMF,AMF,WF, SS)
Komura (Kolar), Normal, 93, 29, (WB,SMF,WF)
Farfan, Normal, 94, 26, (SMF, WF, CF)
De Ridder, Normal, 94, 29, (SMF, AMF, WF)
N'Zogbia, Normal, 91.5,28, (CMF, SMF, AMF)
C. Ronaldo,normal Long,94.5,26-29, (SMF, WF, SS)
Sneijder, Normal, 92.5, 29-31, (CMF, SMF, AMF)
Robben, Normal, 90.5, 28-29, (SMF,AMF,WF,SS)
De Mul, Normal, 89, 27, (SMF, WF)
Nasri, Normal, 88.5, 27-29, (SMF, AMF, SS)
Routledge, Normal, 91, 26, (SMF, WF, CF)
Fabregas,Normal, 91.5, 30, (CMF, SMF, AMF)
Mathieu, Normal long, 92, 26-30, (SB, DMF, CMF, SMF)
De Rossi, Dual, 1st-84.5 2nd-89.5, 1st-20 2nd-28, (CMF, AMF)
Mascherano, Normal Long, 90.5, 26-30, (DMF, SMF)
Yahiaoui, Normal, 90.5, 26, (CMF, AMF)
Milner, Normal, 90.5, 30, (CMF, SMF, AMF, WF)
Iniesta, Normal long, 91.5, 26-30, (CMF, AMF)
Muntari, Normal, 87.5, 26, (DMF, WB, CMF, SMF)
Matuidi, Early Long, 86.5, 23-30, (SMF, WF)
Ca, Early Long, 88.5, 22-27 (DMF, AMF)
Aquilani, Early Long, 87.5, 24-28, (CMF, SMF, AMF)
James Morrison,Normal,89,27, (CMF,AMF)
Belaid, Normal long, 88.5, 26-29, (AMF,CF)
Diego Capel, Normal, 89.5, 27, (SMF,WG)
Lahm,Normal Long, 89.5,26-29,(SB,WB,SMF)
Schweinsteiger, Normal, 92.5, 26 (AMF, SMF)
Castro, Normal, 89.5, 25 (CMF, DMF)
Podolski, Normal, 91.5, 29 (CF, SS, WF, AMF)

Messi, Normal,90.5, 26, (SS, CF)
Cassano, normal long, 92, 25-28, (AMF, SS)
Torres, normal long, 94, 26-30, (CF)
Rooney,normal long, 94.5 25-30, (AMF, WF, SS, CF)
Bonjinov, Normal Long 93, 26-31(WF, CF, SS)
Baumjohann,Dual,1st-88.5 2nd-93.5,1st-21 2nd-29, (SMF, AMF, SS)
Owusu Abeyie, Normal, 91.5, 28, (WF,CF)
Park Chu Young, Late long, 93.5, 30 (WF,SS,CF)
Vaughan, normal long, 93, 25-28, (CF)
Ambrose, normal, 93, 29, (CMF, SMF, SMF, SS)
Babel, Normal, 94, 27-29, (WF, CF)
Kalou, Normal long, 92, 25-28, (WF, CF)
Tevez, Normal, 93, 29-30, (SS, CF)
Robinho, Normal long, 92.5, 26-30 (AMF, WF, SS)
Maxi lopez, Normal, 88.5, 28, (CF)
Rachmane Barry, Normal, 89.5, 30, (WF, CF)
Martins, Normal, 91.5, 27, (WF, CF)
Kone, Normal Long, 89.5, 25-28, (SMF CF)
Benzema, Late Long, 90.5, 27-32, (WG,CF)
Ehui, Normal, 89, 28, (SS)
Momar N'diaye, Normal, 88.5, 26, (AMF,CF)
Francia,Late Long,89,28-32,(SMF,SS)
Sytos,Normal Long,88.5,25-28,(CF)
C. Cole,Dual,1st 83-2nd 86.5,1st 20-2nd 28,(CF)
Tadic, Normal, 89.5, 27 (CF, SS)

Peak age is the age that the player is at his highest potential ability. When the player is below this age they will improve and when they are above this age they're skills will start to decline. :)

Peak ability is what the players best abilities will be. Take Rooney as an example. His main starting attributes are Balence 88, Acceleration 90, Dribble accuracy 88, Shot power 89, Shot Technique 88 and Technique 88 will all end up being around the 94.5 mark. Some higher and some lower. It all matters if you give the player experience in matches and use him in off season training.
This is a quote from PESfan's "Hints & tips" forum.


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30 August 2005
Rafina, and Lahm for the wings! Koné for Psv i think it is, Farfan, i have these and love them, Podolski and Baumjohann aswell, Squicilli


Bos. definitely one of the best defenders i've ever had. Farfan is good, Nihat (Nirat) is ok as well.


You can just search him through Advanced Search and then type 'Bos' at player name.


I never buy Rooney, Torres, Robinho etcetc

I like to experiment with unknown players

Nah foreal this guy 'Caracciolo' turns out amazin

his stats never get 100% but they get good enough for him to be amazin

Also Try :

AFTER HE RETIRES buy .. Nuno Capucho .. Starts very low 50's and 60's but never actually plays bad ends up very high stats and a very good player

EDITED - Just notice the above poster said Caracciolo lol
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17 March 2005
Aruna Dindane from Lens is simply amazing.. (at least with a patched Pes)
He start's at 24 years and now at 26 (in my ML) his growht curve is like in 94-95 and keeps going up.. I use him as a attacking midfielder, and the results are great.. a ML must IMO, if you can get him from the start..
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