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25 April 2006
Hi there,

First post here, but I have been playing Pro Ev 5 quite happily for the last few months, however today when I tried to play it when I get to the formation screen it locks up after a couple of seconds. I thought it might be a DirectX problem so got the new DirectX, but now it locks up and goes into a smaller window with a black screen.

Anyone got ideas how to fix it? I tried uninstalling and re-installing and got same problem. Do I need to uninstall and delete saved files etc?

Any help appreciated.


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23 April 2006
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r u playing a master league? and also if u r playing at home i suggest u to change ur stadium from the edit team section. I had that problems once where the formation screen just locks up becoz i changed my team's stadium. so try that

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Make sure folder 1 is no bigger than 8MB . Move your replays from folder 1 to folder 2 and onwards . Its a known bug that if your folder 1 exceeds 8MB in size (PS2 memory card size) the game crashes .


i have a similar problem. i am playing a french league but the game freezes on the formation screen. i have tried playing a pk match but the game either crashes during loading up or crashes after completion of the pk match and the messgae 'pes5 encountered a problem and needs to close' etc. my folder1 size is only 5.43mb.i have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the game and graphics card drivers numerous times but with no sucesss. any help you can give would be much appreciated thx

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I am also experiencing this problem , when I had windows reinstalled on my pc the problem went away for a while but then it started re-occuring .

Thanks Bebeto that worked a treat , really appreciate the help :)
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i've already tried reinstalling windows xp using the upgrade option to replace any missing files but to no avail. i dont really want to to a new install of xp because then i'd lose all my data.
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