Black Main Menu: Please Help!



I have searching this forum and although I can find other people with this problem, no-one seems to have a solution.

Anyway my game is fine apart from the main menu which instead of having a background picture of Adriano and the options including Master League, Edit, Training etc, is just a black screen with white text down at the bottom of the screen.

Is there anyway to fix this or any other main menu's I could download to see if they work?

Thanks in advance,


hi, i´m german and my english isn´t very good!

I had the same problem and I wrote to Konami. They said, that my graphiccard(?) is to bad for that game!! You should have the lowest graphiccard, which is on the back of the game!!


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28 November 2005
I think this might be the case.However game runs perfectly apart from this problem.So i aint so sure.Im using a laptop and although me card aint great.This game runs without problems otherwise.I believe its a bug myself.Cause if your/my card wasnt good enough you d have a lot more problems running it than just a simple black main menu.You might be able to edit the main menu pic to something else so main menu then shows up.Just a thought


I was hoping that someone could make new main menu's, I don't understand why it doesn't work! I updated my videocard and still nothing.


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28 November 2005
If someone could tell me which slot the main menu is and which file id give it a go.Dont see why u cant edit it after pes5 could


13 April 2006
Yeah, i just bought the game and the same thing happened!! Its really annoying, and the graphics card reason is a poor excuse from Konami.. Every other menu works fine and so does the actual game...

There must be a way to make it work for lower end GFX cards!


27 March 2006
m too
the game runs perfect but when comes to the first main menu it is black and only the discription of the modes appears in the botom ofthe screen

and inside menu:



Yep, same here.

I guess we'll just have to use our imaginations for the main menu if there are no possible solutions!


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16 July 2004
I have got this problem too.

I re-installed the game and ran it without using 3d analyse and the
menu was there no problem. BUT then the game crashed because of the
inability of my poor graphic card to handle the imported balls I had put into game.

When I then ran 3D Analyse the game ran as smooth as ever , but once
again the menu screen was black.


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30 April 2006
Elizabeth, NJ, USA
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Same thing happened to me, and my PC is brand new with a good graphics card, and, when I try to replace a logo in any strip, the game just shuts off like when theres an error on internet explorer, with that shit of send the error report etc. etc. what can I do?
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