Black screen at end of first and second half..


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8 July 2006
Does anyone get or know how to fix the constant black screen at either the ned of the first or second half. You can stil hear the fans and commentary but the screen just stays black. Please Help...


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19 November 2005
Hm I didn't test panete's explanation yet, but I have the same problems. Well, online I do it like this: I just wait till the timer gets to 65 seconds, and normally after that time there won't be a black screen...


10 July 2006
i used to hae that a lot, then i have like a month with out any black screen.

i hae waited or not pressed anything between halfs and still no lucjk... i think it is just cuz its running on windows OS. I just dont break my head and blame microsoft


LFC 5 times CL!!!
8 July 2006
Ive jus found a thread, it says its stadium server which causes this. So the stadium it crashes on... either delete it or dont use it.


26 October 2006
Don't know if it is to do with the Stadiums or not, but just wait fo a little while before pressing "start" and it does'nt happen


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30 April 2006
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this happens to me sometimes, its actually quite random, sometimes when i play at emirates stadium, valley, st james, it does this but majority of my games are at emirates. its very very random and alt enter doesnt do anything to it.
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