Blatter wants no national anthems


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15 March 2003
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Foot - FIFA : Vers une suppression des hymnes

Joseph Blatter, président de la FIFA, envisage de supprimer les hymnes nationaux joués au début des rencontres internationales. Il suggère également de faire jouer, à l'avenir, des matches de barrage, comme celui entre la Turquie et la Suisse, sur des terrains neutres, dans un endroit «où l'ordre pourra être assuré».

Interrogé sur les sifflements qui ont couvert l'hymne suisse avant le match retour entre les deux pays mercredi dernier à Istanbul, M. Blatter a répondu qu'il les considérait comme «profondément irrespectueux, et comme évidemment une diffamation de la fierté nationale».

«Je me demande en conséquence, si cela a encore un sens de jouer les hymnes nationaux respectifs», a-t-il ajouté, précisant qu'une réflexion à ce sujet était en cours à la FIFA. «Lorsqu'un nationalisme exacerbé s'ajoute à la passion et à l'émotion, cela devient explosif, et c'est pourquoi nous pensons supprimer les hymnes», a souligné M. Blatter. Lors du match aller, le 12 novembre à Berne, l'hymne turc avait aussi été sifflé par le public.

M. Blatter suggère également que «les joueurs se serrent la main à la fin d'une rencontre». «On ne peut pas accepter que les joueurs à la fin d'un match ne puissent pas se réjouir d'une victoire, et détalent comme des voleurs», s'est-il exclamé en référence au match Turquie-Suisse. (Avec AFP)

in English with altavista :

FOOT - FIFA : Towards a suppression of the anthems

Joseph Blatter, president of the FIFA, plan to remove the national anthems played at the beginning of the international meetings. It also suggests making play, in the future, of the matches of stopping, like that between Turkey and Switzerland, on neutral grounds, in a place "where the order could be assured".

Questioned on the whistles which covered the Swiss anthem before the return match between the two countries last Wednesday in Istanbul, Mr. Blatter answered that it regarded them as "deeply disrespectful, and like obviously a slandering of the national pride".

"I wonder consequently, if that has still a direction to play the respective national anthems", it added, specifying that a reflexion on this subject was in hand with the FIFA. "When an exacerbated nationalism is added to passion and the emotion, that becomes explosive, and this is why we think of removing the anthems", underlined Mr. Blatter. At the time of the match outward journey, November 12 in Bern, the Turkish anthem had also been whistled by the public.

Mr. Blatter also suggests that "the players tighten the hand at the end of a meeting". "One cannot accept that the players at the end of a match cannot be delighted by a victory, and pack up like robbers", it exclaimed in reference to the Turkey-Switzerland match. (With AFP)


30 March 2003
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I may (for the first time) agree with Blatty over here. Those times where the supporters of the other side boos the anthem when played really gives Football fans a bad name and are truly cringeworthy. Maybe it'll be best not to have it at all :eh:


Switserland did it home against Turkey! Turkey did the same... blatter is a S*CKER!! damn I hate him :x


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4 August 2003
English fans do it pretty much every game, doesn't matter if it's against a hated rival or not. They even booed the Icelandic national anthem when we faced them in a friendly last year.


26 May 2004
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but then it takes some pride out of the team as they represent the country and nation anthems have always been like a call together of that countries people to fight together!!!

i do agree that the booing is bad and wrong, but then no national anthems?? NO WAY!!!

as for Blatter...yeah, he's starting to get onto my nerves with all the sides that he's taking....sigh...


3 August 2003
That's it. I will one day start a splinter world football organization, maybe call it WEFA. I'll give the rights to Konami too. :lol:


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
This must be the man's first brilliant idea...i totally agree with him...
Sport should not be about chauvinism and nationalism...
The national anthems provoke certain people...the way people react after interlands is rather tribalistic at times...look at the reactions after Turkey-Switzerland...


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11 April 2005
You just can't get rid of national anthems, I love it when Englands anthem is played. I've never been to a England game, but even in my local pub we sing the anthem. It creates abit of the atmosphere I feel, and to be honest there's more important issues for sepp blabber-mouth to worry about IMO. So this is for you Sepp :D



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8 August 2003
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Blatter is a moron.
Amazing that this guy is running things.
Remember the times when you b4 a matcfh you were singing the anthem and you felt proud. It's an integral part of the game. I remember that in my city during the Euro2004 there was a gigantic screen and everybody started singing the national anthem b4 every match. Hell even some english folk b4 the England-France match started singing the english national anthem.

mattster12 couldn't have put it better.

Dumm idea, completely against it.


19 December 2002
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Dove'è la Vittoria?.
Le porga la chioma;
Chè schiava di Roma
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Stringiamoci a coorte,
Siam pronti alla morte:
Italia chiamò!


fucking fat twat blatter, he is the one that is shame to football, if he cant allow to people to respect their anthem then so called "friendly football assiciotion " can go and fuckthemselves.


Massacre_1907 said:
fucking fat twat blatter, he is the one that is shame to football, if he cant allow to people to respect their anthem then so called "friendly football assiciotion " can go and fuckthemselves.


26 May 2004
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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world mainly because of it having the second biggest sporting event in the world (besides Olympics)...the reason for this is because ppl can represent their countries and feel proud!!! now, if FIFA are to play matches without national anthems, then i think all other sports (including olympics) should not bring their country's flag up or play their national anthem when their player wins gold....

what kind of idea is that??? i mean, COME ON!! i'm sure u have a brain...start using it instead of sitting on it!!!
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