blurry line in the middle of the screen


13 August 2004
i've got a annoying blurry line line in the middle of the screen when i play,i'm running a radeon 9800 se with the latest drivers can somebody please help me with this problem,thnx


12 April 2005
hi mate had the same problem with my radeon x700 what you have to do is right click on your desktop and click propities, then go to the settings tab once you done that click on advanced in the bottom corner. you should then get a load of tabs come up if your graphics card is installed properly you need to click on the 3d tab, then click on custom at the top of the screen, now look for the setting that says wait for vertical sync you need to set that to always.
job done that should sort out ya problem if not post me bk and il try and help u further



Same problem here with my gt6600.
The third tab for me is called 'beeldscherm' that means 'monitor' in english.
There I dont see a option custom....

So can you tell me what the exact name of that tab window is and im gonna look for it to see if I have also that window.

thnx in advance


19 January 2003
I have this same problem, an horizontal line that look like splitting the screen in 2 or 3. When I enable V-Sync, the game runs much slower (kind of lag). It doesn't really fix my problem.

Any more ideas ?


i think the blurry line is because he's using bilinear filtering rather than Tri or Ansi
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