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(Board Game) Football Fortunes Kickstarter

Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
Hi guys,

Back in the 1980s there was a board game here in the UK called Brian Clough's Football Fortunes. It was a football manager RPG experience that let you be a football manager with friends - you had to buy/sell players (including youth players) in a league where other results were simulated with a computer program. Enough depth for you to have control of your fortunes, but not so much that you couldn't get through a few seasons in one session with friends.

It is genuinely brilliant - and a team of people (with the blessing, and input of the guys behind the original) are remaking it for the 21st century. All new players, although there are now "legends" too (if you love a myClub Legend, you'll know why they've added these) - and the ZX Spectrum software is being replaced with an iPhone / Android app...!

They are (at time of writing) just £697 off getting this game made - and there are less than 48 hours left.

If you've got football friends you could invite over for a night of football management with a twist - please consider buying yourself a copy, otherwise they might not get it over the line!

There's a great article from one of the guys behind this project here:

The Kickstarter campaign is here:

Thanks guys!
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11 August 2003
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Exeter City
Worth pledging money on the basis they have what looks like Soccer Seven running on a Spectrum in the background.

Personally I don't remember the original, when I was growing up it was all about Subbuteo.


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15 December 2011
I used to have that game! Had Subbuteo too of course :D Can't have him calling it the original app, though, come on it's PROGRAM! :DD
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