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Boot question and request


9 May 2006
Just wondering why making bootpacks require 12 boots when only 9 shows up in the game and the other 3 are no where to be seen. And can someone make this bootpack for me? i tried and succeeded to fail. only the first boot came out with the right colour when i loaded the palette back and the rest were really banged up. So PLEASE can a kind soul make this bootpack for me? Any help is greatly appreciated.

And also what do i have to do to make the boots that i want to appear in-game appear if they are not in the boot selection ?


5 December 2004
the other 3 'hidden' boots can be used by going to edit mode, then edit boots. however, its a 1-1 exchange thing, meaning that you can only have 9 boots in the game at any time.

as for creating your bootpack, use the bootpack creator by giuliano82. its really easy to use, and you do not have to mess around with palettes or anything like that.


hope this helps :)
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