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2 August 2003
Anyone seen the new film yet?

Fucking hilarious. No wonder people have taken offence to half the stuff he does. They just have to lighten up. He has been going for years and this film is a mixture of the lot of what he does, and more.

Class, yet VERY offensive film. If you cant take a joke I highly advise you not to watch it.


21 October 2002
Man Utd
Really looking forward to this one and hopefully can catch it sometime this week. From what ive heard though everyone loves it.


is back...but for how long?
27 November 2001
East Lower, Block 13
Arsenal FC
"I caught a bus to Los Angeles with the friends of Mr Jesus"

Funniest film I have seen all year. Not recommended for anyone with a sense of humour bypass!


13 August 2002
New York
I thought it was really good and really funny, makes you realise how scary the world we live in is. Some bits are genius, like the Jesus posse and the naked fight in the hotel


11 November 2001
It's a bit uneven in places and has a tendency to coast, but when it's funny it's extremely funny.

"Genuine chocolate-face". :shock: :lol:


21 March 2004
Man Utd
Milanista said:
Found it funny, but not THAT funny. Some stuff is the same as his show. Loved the naked fight and Jew chase though...:D
Did you watch it at Genesis by anychance?


15 February 2004
his episodes are funny as..
i thought this was the same...but never the less an extended episode..was not enough of a story for the cinema release
but still hilarious

:: JJ ::

Watched it the other day, its so un-PC its unreal yet it is so fucking funny, split my sides with laughter. :mrgreen:


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
It is Rocky... you live near ther? I'm about 5-10 mins away. The pub called the Hayfields just opposite it is great too... wireless internet, xboxs, phone chargers, books, pool tables... the perfect 'guys' pub!


30 March 2003
London -> New York -> San Francisco
Liverpool FC
It is Rocky... you live near ther? I'm about 5-10 mins away. The pub called the Hayfields just opposite it is great too... wireless internet, xboxs, phone chargers, books, pool tables... the perfect 'guys' pub!

lol...I occasionally go thereabouts and one of my mates lives nearby (in Shoreditch) - I'm all the way down south London tho. There are a couple of good places nearby...I remember liking the milkshakes (and sheesha) in one of the restaurant joints near that railway bridge.
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Deep like Titanic
10 August 2004
The Arse
You boys East London? You should check Rich Mix at the bottom of Bethnal Green road. It's a bit nicer than Genesis and tickets are about £6.

"We've called the police."

"Why? Did the retard escape?" :lmao:


C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
BORAT star Sacha Baron Cohen was beaten up by a passer-by after he tried to play a prank as his alter ego.

He approached the man and said: “I like your clothings. Are nice! Please may I buying? I want have sex with it.”

But the bystander didn’t see the joke. He took one look at Cohen and punched him in the face.

The funnyman — known for his Borat catchphrase “Jagshemash!” — yelled for help but was slugged again and again.

He was rescued by actor pal Hugh Laurie who had been on his way to a New York bar with Cohen.

Laurie rushed to help and pushed the man away as Cohen struggled to his feet. A pal of Cohen said: “Sacha couldn’t resist playing the fool as Borat, but picked on the wrong person.

“I guess this guy thought he was being attacked by someone unstable and lashed out. Sacha is very lucky he didn’t get a much worse beating.”

The incident took place after Laurie and Cohen appeared on the US TV show Saturday Night Live. The Brit comics were on their way to a late dinner when Laurie suggested they visit a bar in Manhattan.

Laurie, 47, told friends he feared Cohen was going to get badly beaten up. Luckily, 35-year-old Cohen did not receive any lasting scars.

Studio chiefs have warned Cohen to avoid pretending to be the spoof Kazakhstan TV reporter on the streets. Since the film was launched he has only appeared in character while promoting the movie on American television shows.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is tipped to become the highest grossing comedy of all time.


A FOREIGN exchange firm is thanking Borat for sparking a surge in travel to Kazakhstan. Travelex has ordered £500,000 worth of its Tenge currency to cope with the boom and a spokesman said: “It’s down to Borat.”

But the Romanian village of Glod is SUING Borat for ridiculing locals after filming movie scenes there. A one-armed resident said: “It’s disgusting.”

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