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Brand new gameplay video in HD!!!

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3 March 2006
Philly, PA
A.S. Roma
This video really boosted my oppinion about the game. Regardless- I was going to buy the game, but this has made me all the more confident that this game will still be lightyears ahead of EA's footie game.


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5 August 2005
Spurs, Suns and Cowboys
wow! n that site is bar far the best when it comes to HD trailers!


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9 August 2004
It's definitely looking good.

I can't see everyones problem with PES 360. Its now widescreen, has a much higher res and better online setup. Isn't this what people have been calling for? The grass for one looks awesome.

There were definitely new animations so that's a step up from WE10 too. Add in all these other things and it's a good release imho.


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20 June 2005
North America
Legia Warsaw
Again, just having PES in a new form other than this backward compatitality crap is very cool.

I don't like alot of things about it, the kits are too tight , the kits are too tight,the kits are too tight (HINT!)

But it looks to play like the PES/WE we know and love so I can't help but like it. It's in widescreen the grass can now be better due to the fact that i bet it can handle ANY texture you throw at it now(trust me i had beautful mapped grass texures for my modded games but the ps2 couldn't handle them properly)so it's just cool to now have it. Howver me here in the US i won't see this sucker for a long time so i'm in the PS3 whiners on this one. I gotta wait too but for different reasons. i already have a next gen system


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26 April 2005
Liverpool FC
I agree from the vid I saw that the ball movement looks poor. It looks very polished almost Fifaesque but not quite. Until I actually get my hands on the game will never no if its good or not. Like the texture of the grass though!!


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4 April 2005
yes the grass looks good, don't know why some people in this thread are complaining about the grass tho, u right about trying the game and c, but jugging the game from the vid, the ball movement look better then ever, ofcourse we have to wait for the demo and try it for are self, but from what i seen its looks good so far


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21 February 2003
Gotta love the Floaty light ball from that kick out.... :-k

Reminds me of the DS videos from a while back, the ball in that was floating around the place as well. They need to put some weight back into it, plus make the players look like they're actually applying pressure to the pitch and not ice skating on it.
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