Brian lara 2005


League 2
7 August 2004
anyone got it?
is it any good?
Ive heard the EA Cricket 2005 is a pile of crap so have me hopes on BLC.


21 October 2002
Man Utd
It is quite good, alot better than EA's half-arsed effort. The only challenge you'll get in the game is in multiplayer though.


13 May 2003
Man Utd
I am definitely getting brian lara cricket 2005. i was gonna get the ea cricket but with ea although you get all the options in the world they never focus enough on getting the gameplay right, coz i bet u can play domestic cricket and all the tournys on ea whereas lara you can only get international (unless this has changed?). what features and tournaments are on the new lara can anybody please tell me im gonna get it next week anyway but id like to know. and has anyone played it is it good?


21 March 2004
Man Utd
EA's version was poo!

Rubbish like FIFA LOL! Cricket 2000 was a lot better, anyone got Lara tell us how it is.


Champions League
23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
Not sure about that but having played both I found the difficulty level on EA sports version to be very high. I was fantastic at bowling but terrible at batting. Overall, not very realistic gameplay but it's got good graphics and all the licences. For off the shelf playability it has to be Brian Lara Cricket 2005. Easy to play, but play your mates and not your machine.:D


Ban Master
27 December 2001
West Ham United FC
I also went for Brian Lara Cricket, and am enjoying it a great deal, really like the Classic XI Challenges. It has a few names licenced, but most are made up, like Brett Leap, Shane Worne, Micheal Clock, etc. It is fun, I havent got too far into it, but as alot of people seem to say it's easy, if your finding it too easy I suggest upping the difficulty.

I have played and owned EA's Cricket 2002 & 2004, for me 2002 was a solid game, and batting wasnt too bad to get into, plus you had a good selection of shots, front foot, back foot, defensive, or coming down the crease and whelting it. However in 2004 it was a much trickier affair, and by the sounds of things it aint changed for 2005, I kept getting done LBW!!!

With Lara, you can only move left and right at the crease, and after the bowler has placed the spot you can no longer move, and you only have 3 shots, normal, lofted or defensive, I can just hear Geoffery Boycott shouting " Move your feet". I have found the most of the time I get out is too LBW's again, which is very annoying, but overall is simply more fun too play than EA's efforts. Bowling however gives you much greater scope, though I was shocked when I had Worne whacked for 22 of one over once!!! :shock:

:: JJ ::

ashmufc said:
EA's version was poo!

Rubbish like FIFA LOL! Cricket 2000 was a lot better, anyone got Lara tell us how it is.
Indeed, anything that €A makes is poo... in fact I'd rather say anything they make is SHIT :mrgreen:


ManUnited academy
29 June 2005
Manchester United
ye v'gt it... it actually plays ok jst like the real thing but jst a little dip in player annimations but other than that it's a brilliant effort from team..:)


League 1
14 August 2003
Hmm, really enjoying the game but does anyone have any tips with Test matches? I didn't know what they were at first and scheduled five on TEST MATCH difficulty. Needless to say after my 400th over I began to notice there was something amiss :D
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