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Bringing 'Keeper Up For Corners

Shockin' The Prem

Shockin' The Prem
5 August 2004
I was wondering, I have recently seen while playing my friends that the keeper has somehow come up to the goal area for last minute corners, I was wondering if there's a specific way to do this or whether it just randomly happens sometimes?



thinks it's just if you're losing and it's late in the game the keeper comes automatically


2 August 2004
Yeah it's like JohnnyRobo said! You can't do it manually but you can probably make it more likely to happen if you're on all-out-attack of course which is common sense but then whether the GK comes or not is really random and there's a chance he will come if you're getting knocked out of a cup or something for a last min CK or losing a match.


9 November 2004
yeah it is random, but if you assign him an attack arrow and set his defence level to low, he comes 3 out of 4 times in last minutes in the area....works well for me!


18 August 2003
Yeah happens all the time (nearly) if you are losing in stoppage time with a corner. I think you can make it more likely by going on the individual player screen and put the defence level for your 'keeper at low and have the attack arrow towards the goal you are shooting at. I have done this a few times and he has come up when he wouldnt have done.

I have scored once with the keeper. It was online 2vs2 we were losing 2-1 I made Almunia come up and about 10 yards out he headed a peach into the net

Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
Yeah simao_cassini, you can bring your keeper up even when it's not the 90 Min.

What you do is, when your A GOAL DOWN anytime late in the game, go to the formation screen, put the goal keeper attacking arrow forward and his defense low...go out the formation screen...wait a while and you'll see him running up the pitch like his on crack coacaine.

Pizzle 8)
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2 August 2004
Ok thanks for info guys.

I thought of doing that actually as it makes logical sense but wrongly guessed that it probably wasn't programmed and the arrows I put on him won't make difference and it's just a random thing that it will decide whether it wants to come forward or not if you're losing late in match.

Weird thing is I want my 2 tall CB's to come up for corners as well and sometimes even though i switch to Formation B right when ball goes out for corner kick which has them with forward arrow, they still don't come up for corners and one stays back somehow! :shock:


Retired Footballer
6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
timsmith10000 said:
I have scored once with the keeper. It was online 2vs2 we were losing 2-1 I made Almunia come up and about 10 yards out he headed a peach into the net
Sweet :applause:
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