Burning PES5 on a CD


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25 December 2005
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Is this possible? I made a original iso image from my dvd game... I patched and need to install it on my other pc but the othe pc does not read Dvd's...

I want it to know if it's possible to burn it on a cd or split the image to burn it on 2 cd's MAYBE?


Nah its not mate, even when stripping out the additional Language files etc.. the game is still reported as being over 1gb in size.

0_Text.afs is about 350mb
0_Sound.afs is about 300mb so those 2 are the size of a CD together!
E_Text.afs is about 8mb
E_Sound.afs is 200mb, do the math and it works out at about 858mb which is too big for a CD my friend.

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