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12 September 2002
Fantastic news for the USA soccer team...
Klinsmann is such a nice guy, one of the few football players i would like to have a drink with.
He was wonderful with Germany in the last WC, but the cynic in me still isn't convinced if he's as a good a manager as he was a player...he's too nice i think (but i hope i'm wrong).


Far from home
3 March 2006
Philly, PA
A.S. Roma
Its great to see that Klinsmann is the head coach of this country's national team, but there needs to be more talent, and much more exposure. American cannot become a football country overnight, I honestly hope that football picks up in the States more, Klinsmann may be able to do that for them, this is just one more factor to add up for the next world cup, heh. Looks interesting, I can't wait to see what he can do with the national team, but i'd love to see him get out there and GET THE LEAUGES SOME EXPOSURE! There needs to be much more exposure before america is in the running for a world cup win


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6 April 2004
SL Benfica
Wonderful sign!

Amazing Person, Brilliant Fooball player and a promissing coach! :thumbup:
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