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Can I Change the Clock format so it displays 90mins ?


12 May 2003
Is there anyway i can change the in game time so it displays the FULL 90 Mins of a game, instead of the clock starting from 0 to 45 mins in the Second Half ?



ManUnited academy
29 June 2005
Manchester United
ye it gets me quite pissed off sometimes having me think the second half's the first!!if u get what i'm tryin' to say...u could do if only you had the PC version, but that dosen't help does it..:(


2 August 2004
Afraid not even though I too very much prefer minutes out of 90 instead of 2 halfs out of 45 but I guess that's the way they do it in Japan. Otherwise why would they do that? most places I watch football from it's out of 90 and makes that 89th minute goal look all the better even though we know it's really not different ;)


Executive Janitor
28 February 2002
Darlington FC
It will probably be 90 mins for PES5. WE8 used 2x45 where PES4 uses 90.


PES = Europe, WE = ASIA and other continents.

Europe uses 90 mins while other folks use 2x 45 like Japan for instance.

So I understand why they do this. 90mins does look much better.


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
So is it 90 mins in the UK only or something?

IMO everyone shoukd use 90 mins. Its the way its supposed to be. The Asians probably dont know what Nike's T90 is all about.


World Class
7 June 2003
nope... singapore uses 90 mins... actually its not just a specific region what uses two 45mins... i tink its more of a random thing. Spain also uses two 45mins


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
Since someone made a patch to correct this for the pc version, will it be possible for the ps2 version too?

Most of us will probably be playing PES5 and then WE9:FE so maybe it doesn't matter too much?


Part Timer
21 February 2003
Spain and Italy use two 45's.

It doesn't really make much difference as they also display a 1H or 2H or 1T 2T beside the time so you know which half it is.

Difference can be good. ;)
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