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Can someone explain the rating system for me?



So quickmatches every time, and a few bizarre examples...

I get beaten 3-2 by a team over 100 ratings higher than me. I lose 10 points, he gains 10 points. Fair enough....

I beat a player ranked about 90 ratings lower than me, he gains 1 point, I lose one point. Err...

I beat a player of the exact same rating as me by 1-0, I lose 2 points and he gains 1 point... wtf?


League 1
18 June 2006
yes annoying me too!

But never play a guy twice always go too room and then play a match if you restart immidiatly you will lose points when winning the game!


i dont get this at all i had 2000 points and rate of 450 ranked 500000
sum1 else had 500 points ratein 600 ranked 1000 how u work that out this was b4 the once a day update thanks


Sorry, I should have been clearer: I was talking about rating "points", not the actual points total.


4 November 2006
Konami's rankings are a joke. They should ditch them and give all the server resources to providing lag free gaming. The stats slow down the server and are worthless anyway.


Ahh, good old PES4. No rankings, no reason to cheat, less lag, no server problems, easy tournament setup etc...
PES4 was legendary, I feel like going back to it sometimes, shame I would be the only one online :(.
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