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Hi everyone. Bought a PS two slim as I said before in another thread and the pace of the game playing online really icreased. I´m really happy with it, however yesterday I went offline and played a couple of matches and I noticed the pace and response of the game is really better than the online speed/response when you´re hosting the game. And that´s what I don´t understand at all. If we host one of game´s half, why doesn´t it has the same offline pace/response? It´s slower and less responsive so we can´t say that when we host the game we´re playing like it was offline because it´s not true! Still something different. Has anyone noticed that too? Yesterday playing offline I just played way much better and I was able to quickly pass the ball around my players and to dribble a lot; the game was really faster and more responsive. If when we host tha game it had such pace and response I think we would improve our play a lot!

Anyone knows why this happen? It happens due to our connection´s upload? I have 256kps upload and 4MB download(however download doesn´t really matters for online gaming purposes)
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No zygalski, but anyway; Upgraded my connection yesterday to 8MB/384kbps and the game is much more responsive in both halfs. I got crazy and I slept 5 hours LOL. But I´m not gonna talk more sh*t about online gaming as there are some users here that seem to don´t like me at all. So I quit talking about online stuff in this forum. Cheers
7 August 2004
From what ive seen in the online games its seems as though konami has dumbed down the actual game to get it to run "good" in online mode. The detail with which players move/are animated is so much less then the offline version. Wheter you are playing someone with a good connection or bad doesnt seem to matter to the actual amount of animations happining in game, just speed/lag is the effect.


Yeah, I always feel that it plays more fluent offline than when you're hosting an online game.


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21 February 2003
Of course it plays more fluidly off line than online.

As Zygalski said, the host for the half (and the client) both have to suffer their PS2's syncing with the other PS2. If the game just ran as smoothly for you online when you host as it does offline, your opponent would screwed.
The fact that the PS2 has to rely on the data coming from the network connection rather than the DVD is the problem, it's not a big one but its one that Konami would have had to take into account, so online will have a certain "buffer" which will make the game feel slightly less responsive (very slightly, especially when you're hosting) and a little bit sluggish compared to offline.


16 July 2004
Artist, people dont like you because you support Benfica! Nothing to do with online play! haha Just kidding tough might be true :P
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