Can you set this option by default for on-line?!



I can't figure out how to set the player switch option to manual for on-line games before the game starts... as of right now I have to pause the game when I get an opportunity to do so then change it.


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21 February 2003
Try pressing start in the lobby or main page. Go to controller settings or button settings, whichever it is on that screen.

I cant remember what I did because it was months ago but I thought the game just used my normal option file settings when I went online, I cant remember having to change things like player changing or camera etc...
7 August 2004
i had to adjust the player switching settings for online as it wasnt the same as the offline settings. Cant remember whether i did it during the game or in the lobby settings though


Ok, figured it out... go to the control option on-line and press Square to load the option file... assuming you have switching to manual in the option file.

Doubla R

13 April 2005
Is there a way to turn off your nickname when you're playing? Like the player you're using, it shows your nickname, but is kind of annoying, specially when playing 2 players.
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