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Cant register for online play ???

Bebeto 94

For the good of the game
9 November 2002
Liskeard, Cornwall
Anyone else had a problem with registering for online play ?? Whenever i key in my registration code it tells me its incorrect even though i installed the game using this very same registration code .Answers anyone ? Cheers , Steve


Can you explain how you did it? I can't get registered at all. It asks for a password all the time. What password? Do I have to register on their Website first? I've been to the Konami website mentioned in the manual but I can't find anything about registering. I'm totally lost. :(

Bebeto 94

For the good of the game
9 November 2002
Liskeard, Cornwall
when entering in the code inot the 4 character boxes make sure you press tab after completing every box including the password !! This should make no difference as far as im concerned but it did with me .


18 January 2003
Aberdeen Scotland
Bebeto 94 said:
Autorun the DVD and in the menu there is an option to register !!!
ive done that but nothing happens when i click on register button.

weird stuff anyone got a link to the reg page.

ok last resort i put it in my other pc and clicked on user register and it went straight to the registration page so i wonder why it wouldnt work on the other drive ,oh well its working now so im off to play some footie.
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