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can't score on 3*


15 October 2002
Liverpool F. C
Hello Brento.

I struggled like mad on 3 star - try moving to 4 or 5 star - I find it easier and so do, it would appear, a lot of other people too.

Can't really explain it other than CPU AI is more balanced and realistic on the higher stars.

I'm playing 4 star ML now and have won 4 out of 5 games, scoring on average 2 goals a game.

I played a season as Liverpool on 5 stars and won half of my games, if I hadn't made some rash mid-season transfers then I wouldn't have got game over (likewise, one more point and I would have been promoted).

I'm not amazing at the game (haven't even tried 6 star on this or the previous verson) so if I can do it then so can you!

Try an International Cup as France or someone equally as good all round, on 5 star and see how you get on, you'll probably enjoy the game more; I certainly do.

Good luck man.


21 July 2005
I play the game on six stars all the time and have know problem scoring but with the weaker teams it is a lot harder I’m know expert I loose one out of every three games but its more realistic if you don’t win all the time I only got the game a few weeks ago and still haven’t scored a free kick I’ve hit the bar more times, on pes4 I was a shark but I still think pes5 is much better


13 March 2005
NW London
yep its strange. It just depends on preferences.

I find 6 star easier to score on, because the Ai pushes up more and is agressive. So you get more space. I usually play 6star if I play with premiership teams. 5Star, well its the hardest imo. 3 star is strange, you get more time on the ball but its still hard to find gaps.


or buy a player like vierri who is good at heading,then get someone down the wing and keep corssing that gets goals


League 2
3 May 2004
Its simple really, 3 star the Cpu holds the ball and doesnt attack unless backed up so they hold onto it longer and thus make you chase for it. Very frustrating and thus annoys you and you miss your chances.

4 star he goes at you a bit more thus leaving gaps for you to exploit but he can score.

5 and 6 they go for you a lot more and thats when the game opens up dispossess one aplyer and you have to make the next pass and your usually in on goal. But on 5 and 6 they rarely miss you can have 17 shots and CPu has 3 and wins 3-0 is fairly normal :0



10 December 2005
Arsenal/OGC Nice
I had the same problems when playing on 3*. Then I switched to 4* and soon to 5* and now it's much better.


13 March 2005
NW London
in summary.

the star ratings are simply an indication to how agressive a team is, and has a bearing on how clinical their finishing is.


I too am still lingering on 3 star. I'm trying to complete a ML season before bumping it up (I can't change the level now, anyway, I passed the halfway mark), and sometimes I absolutely struggle to score with Arsenal, and other times I can bang 5 out. The problem for me, I think, is that I play with my favorite team, which makes me so tense that I play "to not lose," rather than to win, if that makes any sense.

For example, I was having fits scoring only 1 or 2 goals a game for about a 8 game stretch, then played a 4* game with Barcelona (whose system and players I"m totally unfamiliar with) and scored 5-0 (granted, I was playing Malaga or something), and I just thought that I was playing more relaxed b/c it wasn't as personally painful if I and Barcelona lost than if it were Arsenal.

On the other hand, my last game for Arsenal was in the WEFA CL semis v. Real Madrid. I've never played such a difficult game in my life, yet won 2-0 (I had 3 shots on goal, 1 from a FK, the other two were cracking shots that I let loose on the only two decent through balls I could get to my forwards near the box). Real Madrid had 15 shots on goal and completely kicked my butt...they missed enough close shots that they easily could have dropped 5 on me.

I don't have much point to this thread other than to share my own fits with my 3* ML season and to say that I'm intrigued that other players seem to think that on the higher levels the computer is more aggressive and leaves more space on the pitch for attacking.


League 1
14 August 2003
It is true. But try playing a whole season on six stars and you will fall foul of the CHEATING so badly that it will make you suicidal.
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