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Capello's No Stop Game


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
Anyone agree with Capello?

He says that if any player goes down injured, he will not allow his players to kick the ball out because it ends the action and ruins football. he wants to stop players to fake injury to waste time.

I agree with him, and think this should be done everywhere.


It depends on the injury and the situation on the pitch. Without doubt if its a head injury then play needs to stop, but i think the ref should have some kind of discretion to carry play on if they wish.


Serie A
19 August 2003
This explains it a bit more.

channel4 said:
Capello: No more nice guys Saturday 4 December, 2004


Fabio Capello has started a debate on whether the ball should be put out of play when an opponent is down injured, claiming it’s a right that is often abused.

“As of the game with Lazio,” said the experienced Coach, “Juve’s players will not put the ball out of play for an injury. It’s just getting ridiculous now and people are fainting to stop counter-attacks.”

In Italy there is an unwritten rule that play should be stopped every time an opponent is on the ground in need of treatment, but players and tacticians alike are increasingly frustrated with how strictly that rule is applied.

“We also spoke to the directors about this,” continued Capello, “and the decision was not sparked by a single incident, but rather by a general trend. I say this now to warn our future opponents.”

The statements have immediately caused controversy and started a debate around Serie A, with several clubs sharing his sentiments.

“I think it all depends on the situation,” said Roma Coach Gigi Del Neri. “I am convinced that when you’re on the field you know when an injury is serious. They should only stop play when there is a clash of heads, not for a tackle. We’ve all been conned a few too many times.”

Palermo boss Francesco Guidolin also came to Capello’s aid on this contentious issue. “We’ve had enough of this fake fair play. It is up to the referee to halt play when the situation requires it. Of course, everything would be simpler if players just agreed not to trick each other and signed a code of conduct.”

Bologna's Carlo Mazzone added, "Well done Capello! I've always said the same thing off the record, as staying down has now become a tactic."

I have to say he's right. This might portray (sp?) Capello him as an unsympathetic guy, but the injuries to halt counter-attacks are really being abused.
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21 October 2002
Man Utd
I fully agree with him. Even though that sort of situation is more common in the Italian league something needs to be done about it!


hm... when cisse went down with a snapped leg, imagine if the ball had stayed in, and the refs used this rule? cisse wouldve lost his leg completely if it wasnt for the liverpool medical staff

im undecided over this topic, it does ruin the flow of the game, but careers are on the line at times and no one really knows the extent of each injury

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19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
Thats different though, when a player fakes injuries, its usually quite obvious.... a snapped leg is quite easily noticed.

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
As someone who didn't see that, it begs the question - if Cisse snapped his leg, why was the game not stopped by the referee?

I agree with Capello - don't do it. Leave it up to the referee. If he stops the play, something is wrong. If not, diving is ruining the sport - play on and score, his "injury" will miraculously recover and I doubt he will have reoccurances of it.


Football is a mans game. Anyone who lies down on the field and wriggles around like they are having their ballsack cut off then gets up and starts running 10 seconds later should be sent off the fucking field.
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