Championship Playoffs: Who is gonna go up?

Who will win the Championship Playoff?

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You want SEVEN?
15 October 2003
The one and only Arsenal
I'd like to see Watford make it, don't know why but I just would although Leeds going up would be OK with me as I think Kevin Blackwell has done a fantastic job there.
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The One & Only
20 January 2006
Chelsea & AC Ajaccio
I must say this is the first time in the play-offs that i wouldn't mind any of the teams to come up! But I go For Watford


7 October 2003
West Ham
We stopped Wigan getting in playoffs and they went up next year.
We took Pardew and Reading are now up.
We beat Preston last year to stop them going up.

Leeds for me!! HA HA

(Preston really) I hope Preston do!! I know how it feels to lose a play off final!!
So bad!!


Deep like Titanic
10 August 2004
The Arse
Watford look a good side. Boothroyd really impresses me as a mangaer as well. For a young guy he's got a great attitude and has his feet firmly placed on the ground. I think he deserves to be in the prem over some of these ex-player wannabe manager jokers like Bruce and Robson.
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