[Chants/Anthems/Goal songs] collection and editing


7 December 2008
Novi Beograd
Partizan Belgrade

Guys i have many chants collected from pes/fifa games and i decide to go back with chants editing!

I am now collecting chants that i miss and exporting chants from old FIFA games (especially FIFA 10).
My idea is to collect all active chants (which still have links and to create HQ chants pack).
I will collect for team by team and all bad chants (poor quality or one guy sing etc) i will remove that and try to find at least 4-5 chants per team. Those who cant be found i will make HQ generic chants created per league or region. I will also download yt chants and create them for your game.

Here are some previews what i exported from FIFA 10. I put some team chants plus some generic to see how they sound.

Also i have many custom made chants. I will use it for FIFA 16. Thanx to script i found and did (see 1st post) i having chants more than a year and its making game much better and playable.

My plan is also to include goal songs and goal musics.

FIFA 10 has an AMAIZING chants for UK teams in high quallity. There will be a lot chants per teams and especially generic ones for League One or League Two + Ireland etc.

All chants will be in mp3 format so it can be used for other fifa and pes games.

I created script so we can use chants in fifa 16 without exiting game during gameplay


Use that thread for script questions and this for chants.

Credits list is huge and thanx to all chants makers for both games!
Also big thanx to @RavenFCB who made so many hq chants and he is also participating in this project!
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