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24 June 2005
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I have a problem with cheap shots, when in front of goal and I have a good chance to shoot the ball low and score one beautiful goal, my player just gives the ball a ridiculous cheap shot and woooff, keeper's easily got it.
what is it that I'm doing wrong guys? I do not want cheap shots. I tried not pressing R2 and also R1 when shooting but nothing changed, my cheap shots are set to type 1 in button configuration so I changed it to type 2 and still nothing happened so I reversed it to type 1. gotta mention that I sometimes do get to shoot normally but it happens very rare.
would appreciate some help from some guy who knows the game better than me. :roll:

Hectic Glenn

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14 May 2006
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I had same problem on PES5, but on PES6 all works fine.
Wow...that's helpful?

So threadstarter, is your issue that your strikers are shooting more elaborate shots, when you are looking for a simple sidefooted finish into the corner? If that's the case, you firstly need to be tapping that shoot button much lighter, also you need to be angling your shot in a particular corner, and also making the player move their body in a slight direction (don't shoot front on). R2 is more useful for strong shots going in the top corners, and trying to tame them slightly. On the weaker shots it's not useful at all - makes them pass backs D:

Also other tips, try taking the ball round the keeper with a well timed sprint or dummy shot. Also try blasting the ball at close range for the keeper to spill the ball for a tap in. Also if you are on the edge of the box, facing inwards with the goal to your side, try shooting and pressing R2 to bend that ball ever so delicately into the bottom corners, where it is almost unsaveable. 1/3 to nearly half power should do the job. Hope that helps.


6 December 2004
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The problem i have is:

In PES4, you used L1 for chip and lob shot, it was really easy shot the ball at any height you want. Then in PES5 they invented R1 for being a weaker L1, it was the best system for me.

Now R1 is used for chip-shot, you should use it at the exact time when you are about to hit the GK in a run. And L1 is for lob, but sometimes the ball goes right on keepers hand and others outside the stadium, it's a very innacurate shot, almost impossible for me. But i know it's all about training.
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