cheating scumbag!

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9 January 2006
hi just scored a last min equalizer against darkjordi (avoid).

my replay has froze, im well fuming, sent him a voice msg and then he said hey in game so it is def still active.

Is it just a case of who turns the 360 off 1st?, il keep it on for months out of principle.

What a sad fool.


well i had the same problem earlier actually. scored pretty early, but at around 60mins he went to the pause menu and never returned. the timer went to zero but nothing happened.

eventually i had to quit and had the "lose 3-0" thing. well pissed off, especially since it was going to be my first win.

do what i do, file a complaint against them.

how can they do this anyway? its so annoying. ive never met another community who feels they are too good to lose to anyone
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