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Check out this little dude!

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
You found this whilst looking for child porn didn't you? Even the filename suggests so.

Own up. They'll reduce the sentence.


Oak Hard
1 December 2003
Yes, those goalies are never going to make it, they just don't have the height.


Oak Hard
1 December 2003
Man U and Porto are trying to sign him apparently. The kids only nine or ten.


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
I bet he'd be able to go right through the Real Madrid defence. :) Stunning stuff for a 6 year old ( it says 2001, and he was born in 95'....)


4 March 2002
That kid is a disgrace. He probably is 18 cor something, they've just edited some stuff, how pathetic.

I would break both of his ankles if he would try to dribble past me like that. His celebrations also make me sick.


Oak Hard
1 December 2003
You're just a bitter, broken old man. I will eat your soiled underpants.
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Why Today Doesn't Suck.
11 April 2002
Oddly enough, on PTI (a USA sports news/talk show) they covered this kid and talked about his potential... that's pretty impressive for the kid considering the ONLY other male soccer athlete they have ever talked about is Freddy Adu, and the show is produced in Washington, D.C. where Freddy Adu lives.

I was quite suprised to see this kid on ESPN in the US.
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