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classic players in the master leage



i bought all the classic teams and players and for some reason they don't appear at the master league.
when i enter the negotiation section and search for them they are gone.
i tried everything... really! i chose at the beginning that i want the hidden and classic players to appear, tried to search them by nationality, name, positions but nothing...
in pes5 all the players i bought was found at the master league negotiation table as free agents and there was no problem but in pes6 i can't solve this thing out.
does anyone know what's the problem and what do i have to do to make them appear at the master league?
thanx in advance for any help!


Football Lover
27 July 2006
Im not really sure because I was going to say that you have to say yes when it asks you if you want them to appear.

Maybe you have to wait until the first transfer window when they might appear as young players.

Im not too sure mate, sorry.


25 April 2006
yes....AFC_Lightning is right
you have to wait until the first transfer window
and you'll find them in search by group > other players (not sure of the place)
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