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classic players off


8 May 2006
i want to turn off the hidden player/classic option on ml because they just ruin it is there any way of getting fid of these oldies?
thanks:( :( :( :( :r1: :lol:


League 2
8 August 2004
The thing that annoys me (WE10) is that I've unlocked many players in the shop (Ortega, C.Lopez, Adu) etc. so that I could use them in ML...but then I also bought Classic Teams and the option is to either turn Classic Players on/off in the ML...so I cant have it my way(with Ortega etc. present, but Pele etc. not present)

So I unregistered all the players in WE/PES United...registered Ortega etc. with them and then put WE/PES United into the ML Division 4 so that I could buy their players :D
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