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When I am looking at the team screen prior to a match, there is an arrow next to each players name. Some are green, some yellow and some red, some are pointing horizontally and some are pointed at an angle downwards or upwards. I have gone through the manual but cannot see what these arrows and the direction they are facing mean. Can someone in the know please enlighten me? Thanks.


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14 November 2006
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Thats a players condition mate, a red arrow pointing up means he is at peak condition. His condition varies up and down through the colours. A grey arrow pointing down means he is at his lowest condition (usually just back from an injury) Blue is Low, Green is Normal, Yellow is good And so on.Hope this helps mate.


Thanks for that, I'm a bit confused by the red arrows though, as I'm not seeing many at all in the England team, even in the very first game I played with them!


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6 January 2006
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Well, then they just aren't in peak condition-usually, I seem to see most red arrows into the season, enough for them to get in form, but not too much so they're tired.
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