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Commentary problem on Windows Vista


28 October 2006
I cann't hear commentators' voice on Windows Vista(Final version).There isn't any problem in crowded voice and menu musics,only commentary sound doesn't work.

I have re-installed the game 3 or 4 times,installed it on diffrent folders,deleted the setting files,used another commentary patch,checked game options-commentry... but all of them didn't worked ](*,)

I installed the game on 3 diffent Vista configuration but there aren't any problems on these systems :roll:

Can you suggest anything to fix it?
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COmmentary in-game is ok, just at half time or the end of a match messes up for me, also, have you noticed slowdown on close-ups?


18 June 2005
I also have the same problem as you, it had been working for a month or two then all of a sudden nothing:shock: .
I have reinstalled, reloaded option file, used fifa and pes6 commentary but still can get the damn thing to work everything else is perfect superpatch, chants etc. if anybody knows what the problem is with vista please let us know.\\:o/


League 1
28 November 2005
All works fine for me guys,well so far anyway.The only query i have is the commentators never say team names when im about to kick off a match.Not sure if its ment to and ive installed it correctly.I have noticed some of the patches with the dz studio icon on refuse to install in vista.And i then need export the files to a folder and import this way and rebuild new file
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