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Conami points system


21 April 2003
Ok, I currently have a rating of 570 and drew against someone who was on 620. I was pleased because my gameplan almost worked. BUT, after the match i stayed on 570 and he stayed on 620!!!

I mean, what is the fookin point???? It's very simple really!!

Why can't Conami get the points system to function in a logical manner???

I am really losing patience with such a great game due to a lack of forsight and logic!!

Thoughts please...


26 April 2006
I completely ignore the rating system now. And my win percentage too.

Mainly due to the fact that there are SO MANY cheats now it doesn't really matter what you do.

The other day i saw an Italian geezer with an 85% win from over 300 games, but only 580 rankings points, he's obviously disconnecting somehow and getting the wins.

Not that it makes it easier to spot a cheat, you get people with high %'s AND 700-800 rankings points because they give you so much lag, you have to disconnect yourself.

How sad must these people be? Experienced fair players like myself are all too aware that the top ranked players are mostly made up of cheats, so who are they trying to impress by cheating?


if you only play for your ranking to go up then give up really, who cares


League 1
18 June 2006
No it is easy after every match go back into the room and do not restart a match directly cause you won't get points then!
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