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Confederations Cup 2005


5 August 2003
Yeah it looks like this:

Group A

- Argentina
- Australia
- Germany
- Tunisia

Group B

- Brazil
- Greece
- Japan
- Mexico


1A - 2B
1B - 2A


out the window
8 August 2003
Madeira, Portugal.
FC Porto
Argentina or Brazil.
It's like anyone cares with this tournament anyway! And some players don't even like to participate! Only the coaches do, cause it gives them games to test players for next years WC.
Ronaldo being the most recent example!


3 December 2004
chelsea fc
this tourny is good to give young players a chance to gain some experience, there is no need to play the big stars, .

Argentina is my pick!


Brazilian showman
19 February 2003
brazil will play with its full power, except ronaldo, roberto carlos, and cafu. cicinho will be the next cafu or even better, ronaldo?? we already have robinho, and only roberto carlos will be a trouble for us. but overall, we will win, because we are the best team.


15 December 2004
Mexico City
I think that Brazil and Argentina are the strongers, and Mexico have serious problems because Blanco (behind Marquez the best player of Mexico) he said that he was tired and he excuse himself of the cup, and Mexico is only taking 19 players because the Chivas (mexican club) is playing the Libertadores (by the way is beating Boca 4-0) has taking his players off the national squad. Apart from that I'm sure Mexico will go to semis and maeby more


World Cup Winner
29 July 2003
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Fred_Gavioes said:
brazil will play with its full power, except ronaldo, roberto carlos, and cafu. cicinho will be the next cafu or even better, ronaldo?? we already have robinho, and only roberto carlos will be a trouble for us. but overall, we will win, because we are the best team.

i agree withy you...and doenst really matter if the full power is playing or not..usually the non-full power of brazil playes really good , aka COPA AMERICA!


Did you Say BOOTS - Pk
9 January 2004
in the boots thread
Lille, de oranje!
only a couple more hours to go lets see if otto can repeat the magic team performance(i doubt it) but ma money is on brazil vs arg final

i hope its a great tournament and i hope no one forgets that this time 2 years ago we lost marc foe(rip)


5 August 2003
group a
Argentina - Tunisia 2:1

1:0 [8] Riquelme (pen.) 33'
2:0 [9] Saviola 57'
2:1 [9] Guemamdia (pen.) 72'

...Mhadhebi missed a penalty 17'
...Lux was pure comedy, he'll never forget that day (one superb save though) :D
...Jaidi was man of the match if you ask me
...three penalties(!) not bad, not bad

G. Rodriguez, Coloccini, Heinze
Sorin, Santana, Bernardi, M. Rodriguez
Saviola, Galetti

Trabelsi, Jaidi, Ayari, Saidi
Chedli, Benachour, Essediri, Mnari
Guemamdia, Mhadhebi


14 March 2005
I've just seen the match between Argentina and Tunez.
Not our bets game (I'm Argentinian), yet I have many things to say:

Lux: nervious. He's young, yet to prove a lot of things in River before taking care of our goal (he's 2nd to Franco Costanzo) but he's quality.

Heinze: he used to raffle the ball a lot. But lately, under Pekerman's orders, he's getting more criterious. Of course we won't expect a fantastic match by Heinze, he's just good at imposing a little physicall toughness. And he's doing it right. I'm worried about his problem with fast paced players, tough.

Coloccini: class.

Gonzalo Rodriguez: not to fancy, just fine.

Sorín: he's playing well, but he's not as decisive as he was with Bielsa.

Bernardi: I don't like him. Not to aggressive to recover the ball and too much conservative to pass it. Like Heinze, we hardly remember him playing in Argentinian sides. Clearly not the people's choice. Cambiasso, Mascherano or Gago are the right tools for this job.

Santana: A total surprise. He's evolved a lot since he joined italian side Palermo. Creative, a constant option for passes, skillfull. Lucho Gonzalez will have to struggle to make it into the team if Santana keeps delivering such performances.

Riquelme: we are talking about possibly the most brilliant OMF in the world. He can keep possesion of the ball with his body and his skills like no one, has an sixth sense for through balls (look no further, he's CLEARLY the best assistant for goals in the world), a superb shot, and also executes dead balls brilliantly (not only by shooting, but also by assisting his mates inside the penalty area).

Maxi Rodriguez: not as good as when he was a promising u-20 player. I'm quite dissapointed, I expected more from this guy.

Saviola: Interesting, possibly the most "european" argentinian player (except for his nutmegs). Makes a dangerous attacking duet with Crespo, both assisted by Riquelme, sorrounded by Lucho and Sorin appearing by surprise.

Galetti: As always, too slow when Argentina attacks and the other team defends with all his men in their own field, but fast and decisive when Argentina launches a counter attack.

Zanetti and Tevez came in during the 2nd half. Pupi Zanetti lost his place with Pekerman, mainly because of his vertical style of play (less passing, more slaloms). Tevez went fine, he's good. We all want him to an alternative for Crespo and Saviola.

Tunez is a old fashion team. Very rigid scheme, not a very big difference between one player and another (honestly, from a distance, most of them look the same.. it must be their haircut of something), except for that guy Santos, he's fast.


I'm not sure how will Argentina perform during this cup. Pekerman called some new guys, he's trying tactical variations. To me, the favourite is Brasil. They don't play as good and fluid as other teams do (they are quite boring to watch sometimes), they might not have world class central defenders, and they depend on individualities a lot, but their opponents fear them, they fear them so much that they are willing to give up without a fight.. erm.. a match.
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2 June 2003
Germany with a lot of luck 4-3 against Australia who were the better team.

Tunisia was good, they will have a good match against germany on saturday.


5 August 2003
group a

Germany - Australia 4:3 O_o

1:0 [22] Kuranyi 18'
1:1 [8] Skoko 21'
2:1 [17] Mertesacker (pen.) 23'
2:2 [15] Aloisi 31'
3:2 [13] Ballack (pen.) 60'
4:2 [20] Podolski 89'
4:3 [15] Aloisi 90'

...Huth IS A DISASTER! 4th game in a row he almost lost the game alone.
...Mertesacker was awesome though
...Skoko seems to be a brilliant player
...Ballack didn't show much, only how friggin' important he is, even at 75%
...Nice 36th birthday for Oliver Kahn, maybe they allow him to eat Huth later

Friedrich, Huth, Mertesacker, Hitzlsperger
Schneider, Frings, Ballack, Schweinsteiger
Kuranyi, Podolski

Muscat, Moore, Neill, Popovic
Emerton, Aloisi, Skoko, Chipperfield
Cahill, Milecevic
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