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"Connection to server lost" ps2


3 October 2003
Ok, firstly, sorry cos i cannot get the search option for the forum to load...

But online everytime i try to enter, i select my profile, and wait for about a minute or two, then the music changes as its about to enter the lounge list or whatever... but after 2 seconds the error sound is played, and i get a message "Connection to server lost" who else has this problem and why is it?

(i dont know if it is my connection, my settings, or just the pro evo server... but pro evo 5 never had problems, and my connection seems to be fine)

Sometimes i get a message about residual data already existing... this is irritating me, cos i could be gettin on with other stuff...



Proud member since 2002
2 November 2002
Sporting Lokeren
Same problem here. Don't know what the problem is. I've played like 10 games already and last night I couldn't connect anymore. Same thing today... :(


19 May 2006
I had exactly the same issue, I think it's probably teething issues because so many people are attempting to connect perhaps?

I'm going to try later on in the evening when most people should be in bed.


23 November 2001
it's not that, they are doing something to the server. ive played online early this week and it's brilliant and very much worth the wait!


26 April 2006
Just the same old shitty servers

I was on from 10.30am to 2.30pm yesterday, i heard the server went down some time after that

And i can't get on now.....


31 March 2005
Neither can I, which is really annoying, since the few times I have been able to play online, the experience has been great.


25 February 2004
the server is so cheap and so shit,i dont like "Connection to server lost"
konami must have a big check


25 February 2004
the server is so cheap and so shit,i dont like "Connection to server lost"
konami must do something to stop it

Shockin' The Prem

Shockin' The Prem
5 August 2004
Konami merry-go-round father christmas judaism. "Connection to server lost" chimpanzee oats with hair about.

Makes about as much sense as the rest of the repsonses in this thread.
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15 July 2005
went up2 choosing the lobby then server to connection lost :( .. giving it 1 more try and this back to master league !!
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