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Corners Headers And Defenders Not Coming Up For Them


26 April 2004
Hi I´m Playing Pes 5 PC and im an experienced PES gamer however since i designed my own formation for my man utd team none of the big players (usually defenders like Vidic Ferdinand and Brown Etc) are coming anywhere near the box to get there bullett on it

any help would be much appreciated!



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20 July 2004
Three Different Ways
1. Set a button for Formation B that puts ferdinand as a center foreward. then after the corner kick you can turn off the strategy.

2. You can also try setting a key for "CB Overlap" and selecting Ferdinand, and try that alone or with all attack focus as well ( L2 + R1 ).

3. You can try formation settings again, just five ferdinand a foreward arrow and change the focus to all attack (L2 + R1).

I have not bothered to try these, but you can always try the different combinations and reply :)
Formation B setting ferdinand as a center forward will work though, haha.


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20 July 2004

The best way to achieve this is to use the CB Overlap strategy (use manual strategy settings and give it a button), then hit L2 + R1 for full attack focus.

I just played a short match vs. the computer ( WE9 US edition ). I set CB Overlap strategy to Sol Campbell with the circle button.
I won a corner kick
1. hit L2 + circle to enable Sol Campbell's overlap running.
2. hit L2 + R1 enough times until full attack focus

and he ran up for the header (he missed the header though, good attempt though :) ).

I was up by one goal, so he wouldn't come up for the corner kick until I put on full attack focus (the red bar). With yellow attack focus, he just stayed at defense.
This is the best way to move defenders up for corners, because you don't have to waste one of your two formation settings :)

If you want both defenders to come up... I guess you could use 2 CB Overlaps, enable them both or just pick which guy you want to run up for that corner kick.
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