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Couple of Questions (PES6)


19 March 2006
Right, these questions are far the lads that have already download the French PES6.

1) Does weather change throughout the Master League?

2) Have crowd noises improved at all?


yeh im more bothered about the weather in the ML because it took away the feeling to a game having the same sunny day or same normal night, rain and things put a different spin on the game where as without it jus feels like the same kind of routine match time and time again, i know exactly what u mean, and a bit of snow in the ML wouldnt go a miss either!


Leoni Rossi
20 March 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Galatasaray SK
I want to ask how crowd looks like in game? Like PES5 (Empty Seats) or like WE10 (Non moving and picture)?? I hope it's like PES4 with nice reactions but I dont think so.
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