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30 March 2003
London -> New York -> San Francisco
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Fantastic fantastic film. We went to watch it without really knowing much about it - and were pleasantly surprised. Definitely the surprise movie of the year - although I'm quite mystified that it got 8.6 in IMDB(!) - I guess some people really liked it!

There was no stand out main character in this - each of the all star cast had some role to play in it some way or another. Bit of a shock this, but Ludacris was actually ok in it and had quite a major role in it.

I can't explain much about the storyline as it consisted of many - it was the way they all intertwined that was cool.
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i've had the dvd lying around for a couple of weeks now. i must make time to watch it...


Yeah one of my biggest Suprise's was ludacris didn't make a complete tit of himself, Even though the character he played was a bit of an arse.

Loved how it all played out , One of my most enjoyable Films of the year by far and can't pass anything with the absolutely Gorgeous Jennifer Esposito in it ;P


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8 August 2003
Bit of a let down for me, Matt Dillon was terrible and overall the script seemed to plod along, For me another film with a big cast that didnt do it self any justice!
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