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Creating a master league need help.



Hey guys me and my mates are doing a master league draft with 50000 ml points each and i want my team to be planned as well as i can. I was wondering if there was a program other than pes6 itself where i coudl just directly compare player stats. alternatively if it has already been done i would like lists of the best attackers midfielders and defenders (stat wise). im a bit of a stats whore and keep in mind we are just using the default stats with the pesfan optionfile.


28 April 2004
You could try using the PESFan option file editor and exporting the stats to CSV format. Then, open it in Excel and sort by whatever category you want. It might take a few minutes to match up the stats with the right column headings.

Or, you could start a fake Master League, and use the search feature in it to sort by certain attributes. That might even be easier, because it would have the player salaries.
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