Cristiano Ronaldo asks for excuses to Benfica supporters


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6 April 2004
SL Benfica
Cristiano Ronaldo: "it never wanted to lack to the respect to the adepts"

The winger of Manchester United recognizes that it exaggerated in the reaction, therefore was of hot head and this hindered it to stop to think Cristiano Ronaldo is sorry of the coarse gestures that made for group of bencheses of the Stadium of the Light in the Wednesday. "I recognize that I had an exaggerated reaction and I have to leave clearly that never wanted to lack to the respect to the adepts of the Benfica", relates advanced in declaration to the "site", justifying its attitude. "For times, when something does not run well, we make things without thinking, led for the emotion and the heat of the moment. I exaggerated because it was of hot head, I never intended to lack to the respect nobody, but I did not stop to think ", emphasized Ronaldo, that already perceives the reason for which was whistled. "the reaction of the adepts of the Benfica is normal. After all of accounts I age the adversary. I understand the reaction of the public, who is bonanza in the support that give to me, me and to all the friends of the Selecção, but this age a well different case ", affirms. To finish, the 7 of the Manchester United desired luck to the Benfica: "I was very sad for having lost, but to have to happen, then that it has been with one it equips Portuguese. I wait, with all the sincerity, that the Benfica goes more far possible in Liga of the Champions. For good of the Portuguese soccer."

Sorry people, translation via babefish.


7 October 2002
He's only doing that to avoid a ban from UEFA and FIFA.

Cristiano was childish but having 90% of the LOTR Orcs shouting you're a "rappist" since minute 1 of the warmup is excuse enough for someone to loose it's temper.

It really says a lot about the human quality of benfica fans. I remember when AC Milan went to Alvalade, Sporting fans cheers benfica icon Rui Costa. More than deserved. A portuguese player at portuguse soil, no provoking just recognition.

Of course in da Luz is different. Orcs tend to behave in animal terms so without any reason whatsoever jeered and offended ronaldo since he entered for warmup.

it's ppl like these that still put us portugal as third world in some areas.
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