Cross platform online gaming in PES 6!!!!!


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6 October 2005
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I played one half of PES 6 yesterday in a PES presentation in Belgium . I saw the weather change, it went from sunny to rainy
it affected the pitch and ballcontrol.
Gameplay hasn't changed alot, but there was better collision detection, more fluent animations, better AI and refs shooting is harder.
The grpahics are better and the stadiums seem the be better drawn ( sun and shadow looking awesome IMO ) and I saw a Dutch review of PES 6 and it said that there is a cross platform online option in so that PC and PS2 can battle eachoter online, anyone heard about it?

Here is the link by the way, mind you it is in Dutch

"maar we hebben wel een klein nieuwtje over beide versies. Beide games zullen namelijk online tegen elkaar gespeeld kunnen worden. Dat word dus cross-platform online gaming!"

Roughly translated:
"We' managed to obtain an new feature from the PS2 and PC version and both can be played online against each other, so get ready for some cross-platform gaming!"

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23 July 2003
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That story was from 03-09, so i think he played a beta version. But i heard about this feature before, and it would be cool if it was really possible.
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