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d-pad VS analog ps2


20 July 2005
what do you play WE with?

i use to play with the d-pad but sibce we8le the joystick seems better....What about the rest of you
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Re: d-pad VS joystick ps2

you mean analog ?

i play with analog as well


16 January 2004
read in one of the magazines once where they were interviewing the main developer. One of the developers favourite tip was to master the D-Pad


16 July 2005
I use the joysticks, I HATE the d-pad. It's well... bad. Never used it for any game and won't be. Analog just feels better.


I use the D-Pad for most games

Its only really driving games and hockey games I use the analog


Salad Yute!
27 April 2003
New York
Arsenal FC
D-Pad for WE!! More more responsive than analog, which is a big deal in the heat of a competitive game. The reaction time to go from completely down to completely up on the analog stick is too slow for my liking. Sliding the thumb from down to up on d-pad, however, is super quick. All my friends that use the analog stick simply cannot match me for responsiveness in tight encounters. They agree, but complain about finger hurting when using the d-pad so they continue to use analog - sissies. :)


League 1
5 November 2003
I use the analog stick for control of my players , but when the shot bar is going up I flick to the dpad could be wrong but I tend to think that the Dpad gives you more control of your shot..but that should not be!


World Class
7 June 2003
d-pad makes better control.. however analog doesnt hurt fingers... i only switch to analog when im leading by 2 goals or more and my finger need resting

Perky Intruder

I wish I used d-pad, because you can't play WE9 with analog. :(


hö? of course you can play we9 with anal-sticks (:D)

btw im playin /w d-pad
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def analogue, find it so much easier 2 dribble. no idea how u guys are able 2 play with the dpad.that post about it being more responsive does sound good, but im happy with my style.


16 July 2005
Hehe, and for some reason When you press one button on the d-pad the whole pad tends to to go down. Might just be me... :lmao:
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