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DB and others present the Hot Women Thread (not wrist friendly)


13 October 2005
Brasília - Brasil
Flamengo, Internazionale
Re: Hot Women Thread (non 56k friendly)

Dar said:
Read the rules, this is as far as it goes for any type of thread with this kind of content on E-W. If it's not enough for you, go elsewhere to get your jollies.
Sorry guys ... I'm embarassed ... not for the idea, but for not reading the rules ...


2 August 2004
Re: Hot Women Thread (non 56k friendly)

that Cherokee girl is definitely one major hotty DB. 8)

Great body and a great f'n @r$e..

what a retarded voice though... :mrgreen: :lol:


The One & Only
20 January 2006
Chelsea & AC Ajaccio
Re: Hot Women Thread (non 56k friendly)

:lol: Definately has a retarded voice that one, but she's still hot!

Keep them pictures flowing denirobob. :applause:
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