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Deciding on a new boot. Diffrences between FG and SG?


6 August 2004
BumperMan said:
i need boots! I perfer Nike. but wanted to know what soft ground or firm ground would mean?

Hard ground is likely to be for astro turf and concrete, soft ground would be studs...i think.


League 2
31 July 2003
to put it simply, firm ground is for a dry pitch and soft ground is for a wet pitch

usually firm ground are moulded studs and soft ground are metal studs


Killa Bee.
28 March 2005
get the firm ground mate i was faced with the same choice abt 3 months nd was in xactly sme position as u, i wnt 4 the fg ones cos u can play on all terrain firm or soft, 4 the sg onli gud for soft wet grass/pitch, therefore wen u play on hard frosty or dry pitch then u get blisters cos studs dont pierce the surface nd u dnt get much grip. plus the fg ones r a little longer and there r also more of them for bettr grip relli. Gr8 4 a drag back :)!!
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