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Dedicated Server for Private Network Online Play


13 April 2004
Dear Fellows gamers,

I would like to know whether is it technically possible to establish a network, running on a dedicated server linking hundreds of users of game consoles platform like PS2/xBox?

I know that xBox has their own xBox Live server where individual would sign up and subscribe to their service, im wondering whether is it technically possible to have a similar platform like xBox Live catering to my community of gamers. (we have like 60+ winning eleven gamers)

We do not want to invlove MircoSoft or Sony, but we would like to link all the gamers via their game consoles to play online where our dedicated server would act as the platform to maintain game stats, held competition etc.

I hope from any of your expertise, is it possible for game consoles such as PS2/PS3 or xBox/xBox360 to have a "private network" linking to our dedicated server instead of subscribing to platforms such as xBox Live??


27th of April - Winning Eleven 10


You could probably do this with XLink Kai, a program that lets you play online outside of XBox Live.

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