Defending and Switching


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27 April 2002
I anyone else having trouble defending?

Well not all down to defending mainly switching, it always seems a split second to late in switching leaving my defenders in no mans lands and the striker in on goal

this is even harder when there jinking in and out while running at u, also its seems to me like the game relies on slide tackles alot more becuase for me holding X does sweet FA.

What setting do u lot use for switching? Mines on 3 but i have tried 1-4 and they seem worse. Does everyone hold run down all the time as well while playing?

I need to sort this because its really getting on my tits


19 February 2004
MrCoopz said:
Does everyone hold run down all the time as well while playing?
I will advice you not do run so much..
At the midfield when Im attacking I almost never runs, just with the wings of course. with running you got less control, and its easier to play around the opposite team if you dont...

run at trough balls, with wings, and when you have to catch the striker with your defenders.. in other situation you should not (ofcourse its other situations you have to run), it will got more detailed...!
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30 November 2003
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while on pes5 you had to press R2 to put your player on a cover position, now that's automatic, when you don't run with your defender.
that's what's been getting on my tits.
doesn't happen when u press r1, tho.

try and use a little square here and there.
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