Desperate at this stage.........


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21 February 2003
Why not paste your problem straight over, instead of just providing us here with a link to somewhere else. I can do it for you if you like. :)


never had trouble b4 connecting but lately almost anytime I try to play online I get the message after I press testing network

Cannot connect maybe firewall/server down etc etc

Yet I have never had these problems b4
I have my port forwarding correct and have used bot the default 5739 and the 3658 ports, my firewall hasn't been changed and I have reinstalled pes5 etc, the 1 game I got tonite I was winning 3-0 and was disconnected in injury time

Like I said b4 this is only happening the last 2 weeks or so and just to be sure I hadn't installed anything thatw as causing a conflict etc I did a sys restore to a month back

This is very annoying now as this is easily my most pld game, I have 2000+ games pld online lol


also my isp has helped lots, it's def Konamis end, sent Konami my problem but no reply as of yet


13 June 2005
Same thing happened to me long time ago and I was never able to solve it.At last I quit trying and started to play Master League.I know this doesn't sound too optimistic but I hope you will fix your problem.
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