Did I do the wrong thing?

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13 August 2002
New York
Heh guys, last Friday night my girlfriend (ex now) and I landed home a little drunk, we haven't been getting along that well in recent weeks. basically we started getting mad with each other and there was a lot of shouting going on. i told her to get out, I was so mad with her and opened the door for her and told her to get the fuck out. She smacked me across the face about 15 times, punched me in the nose, broke my digital camera by throwing it on the floor then to my horror threw my PSP against the wall and made bits of it. She started packing a bag, I went in to the room after her and threw her bag out the front door then shoved her out after, unfortunately I gauged the strength of the push a bit and she landed on the floor, it looked like it hurt quite a bit, I hope she's alright but it was that moment of rage of what she had done that led to it. My life is a whole lot better with this person not in it and there's a lot of shit behind this story, how she did me wrong etc. but I guess I just need a few opinions on what happened. Am I a walking cunt for shoving her or was it justified?

Nick Cave

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10 July 2004
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Wrexham AFC
Tough call Dermot, been there bud and in the moment you can get caught up pretty bad, it's no excuse to use any kind of violence on women but from what you have said and how things went it sounds like an unfortunate accident with regard to the fall. My partner flipped with me a couple of times early on in our relationship mainly due to other people and me knowing how to push her buttons, her Father had his own dōjō so I was more in fear of my nuts than anything.
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1 July 2005
New York, NY
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I'd say that, well you're not a walking cunt, but what you did wasn't justified. Like nickcave said, you can get caught up easily, lord knows I've yelled at girlfriends before, and I personally have a very short temper. Either way I've never hit a girl, don't plan on it. While I understand your anger, of course, shoving her isn't exactly alright...but I suppose, at least from how you described it, she was wreaking havoc on you and your stuff...it's arguable really. I'd make sure she's alright, if she is then just don't worry about it, make sure to watch yourself is what I'd say.


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
Now if she hadnt broken your PSP, you could have settled it at a game of Tekken.


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10 August 2004
The Arse
It's very easy to judge from an outside perspective, but in the heat of the moment shit can happen. As some of you know I've recently had some sh*t with a girl, and when she tried to hug me and apologise (for sleeping with someone else) I shoved her off and told her to do one. Not so hard that she fell over, she just took a few backward steps, but in retrospect if I'd got that wrong it could have been worse.

I think you know it was a bit of a foolish thing to do, but like I said shit happens. If I were you, I'd find out if she's ok, perhaps through a mutual friend if that's possible. If she's alright then forget her. If she's hurt, send her something to apologise, but be clear that you're still done, you just don't want to have injured her.

My two cents.


Harvester of Sorrow
24 September 2003
Manchester United
you didnt do anything wrong mate, as long as u didnt kick her in ther head when she was down then your not guilty of anything in my eyes,


Oak Hard
1 December 2003
You should have punched her in the womb like I did, it's a great time at evo-web, it's nice to be a bachelor with you Dermot, lets tear this shit up!


13 August 2002
New York
Yes, I know, I should have roundhouse kicked her in the fallopian tubes then triple sufflexed her to the ground and reverse 360 slammed on her uterus.

:: JJ ::

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